Why is Acid Bad ?
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Conservation Framing, Acid Free
Conservation Framing, Acid Free Materials
Archival Fine Art, Conservation Framing, Acid Free Materials and Cotton Prints

Conservation Framing

Acid Free Materials

Conserevation Framing, Acid Free
Conservation Framing, Acid Free
Conservation Framing is a professional way of
framing a piece if artwork. It starts with a
professional hi-quality sturdy frame. The corners
should butt snugly together and the frame should
not be warped. The artwork is double T hinged to
acid free mounting board with water reversible
cotton linen tape, this allows the print to expand and
contract without much waving. Also when
Conservation Framing a cotton mat (cotton is
acid free) is used to keep the artwork from
touching the glazing, or glass front. The mat is
hinged to the backing board like a book, so the mat
folds over the print. The artwork is now archival. If
using paper products a barrier tape is placed
around the rabbet of the frame.  The glass front is
installed, then the archival artwork is placed in the
frame. A foam core board is placed on the backing
board for extra protection, then the artwork is
secured with a point driver. A dust cover is glued to
the back of the frame and a wire hanger is screwed
to the back. Conservation Framing is a bit of work,
however this is the best way to protect artwork from
harmful elements. This
Conservation Framing
technique ensures that our archival cotton prints
will last far into the future.
We use Archival products to ensure the
Conservation  of  our artwork.
So what does all this mean?   
In two words
Why Cotton?
Cotton rag papers are known to last several
hundred years without discoloring or deteriorating
and are naturally
acid free.  All of our prints
are on
Epson Cotton Rag Paper and we use only  
for Prints and
Crescent Cotton Rag Mat matboard.

Keep in mind that all the materials surrounding
our prints are
acid free as is the cotton print itself.
Any harmful particles that may find their way in will
be hard pressed to cause any damage.

Why Epson Ultra Chrome Inks?
These archival inks are highly resistant to fading
and color changes for decades. However any ink,
paint, watercolors, ect. will change some over
the course of time.
Why is acid bad?   Paper is made from
wood which contains lignin. High
humidity, direct sunlight and time itself
will cause the
lignin to breakdown.
When this breakdown begins, acid is
being released from the wood and any
wood products such as paper. This
creates a brownish haze and dark brown
spots called acid burn, a permanent
stain that cannot be removed. Acid will
also cause the disintegration of the
paper. This is a destructive nightmare to
any valued piece of artwork.
What are Archival Products and Conservation
Archival Products are
acid free materials used to
protect the artwork from the destructive elements.
Conservation Framing is when all the acid free
components are professionally assembled in a
Conservation Framing, Acid Free, Archival Fine Art