Acid Burn, Photograph
Acid Burn, Photograph

Acid Burn the Cause and Effects Acids have on a Paper Photograph.

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Acid Burn, cause and effect.

Acid Burn is an irreversible destructive chemical process that
once it begins, will devour the whole
photograph, or anything
made from paper.
Acid Burn is caused by the chemical
breakdown of lignin in paper fibers made from pulp wood
(newspapers, magazines, regular photopaper)
printed on cotton greatly resist acid,
acid burn and other
harmful elements that cause deterioration. Banknotes,
Currency and important documents are made of cotton.

In this photograph you can see the dark brown spots caused
acid burn. This is a irreversible destructive beginning. The
brown spots will start to disintegrate leaving holes in the

This is why its so important to preserve any treasured
photograph with acid free components such as frame barrier
tapes, cotton mats, acid free backing boards and cotton
mounting tapes. Keep in mind once
acid burn begins there is
no stopping it.

All of our
Photographs and Graphic Art prints are printed on
100% buffered cotton rag.
Example of Destructive Effects of Acid on Paper a Photograph, Acid Burn and Disintegration.
Acid Burn, Photograph, Destructive Effects of Acid on Paper Photographs